What is Fluorosis?

Fluorosis is a condition in which your body has been exposed to too much fluoride. In normal
doses (typically found in a safe drinking water system and an ADA-approved
toothpaste), fluoride is a healthy compound that promotes strong teeth, which
has the ability to fight cavities and other problems.teeth2

But sometimes, fluorosis occurs when fluoride-containing toothpastes or rinses are swallowed, instead of expelled.

Fluorosis causes a number of aesthetic problems, including abnormally darkened or stained teeth. While such problems are generally harmless to your health, they can create concerns with your appearance.

Enamel fluorosis is not a disease but rather affects the way that teeth look. In the vast majority of cases, enamel fluorosis appears as barely noticeable faint white lines or streaks on tooth enamel and does not affect the function or health of the teeth.

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